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Lingualia renews the iPhone app

Lingualia iPhone AppLingualia’s iPhone app has been completely renewed including many new features that will help you to learn languages faster, more easy and effective.

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What’s new in this version?

  • New question formats
    More types of questions to enjoy while you learn and improvement of the analyze’s progress.
  • New Lessons
    Better structured lessons that you’ll be able to learn whenever you want as your learn progress will be saved more staggered. We also launched a new improved design that offers an easier web navigation.
  • More exercises
    Theory-to-practice approach. Now you will find more practical exercises in all the lessons, to help you in your learning progress.
  • New Design
    iOS7 look, including navigation improvements on your wall and on your profile.
    All flashcards have been redesigned from scratch.

app lingualia iphone

  • New Stats
    New statistics in order to analyze your progress.
  • Lingu is smarter
    Your teacher is now more intelligent. Lingu analyses your progress in order to adapt the course to your needs.
  • More audios
    Don’t have a premium account ? Don’t worry, we have released many audio files so you can continue learning for free.

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Download your lessons in PDF


Download, print, and take with you the Lingualia lessons thanks to this new feature that we released today.

You can learn languages with Lingualia not only visiting our website, also through applications for Android and iPhone. Lingualia synchronises automatically the progress of each user across all platforms (web, Android, iPhone), so you pause a learning session at any point and continue whenever you want from the exact point even if you connect from another device.
However, some people prefer to review on paper, take notes to discuss with other students, or even to consult while practicing online. That’s why we have designed a new feature that allows you to download, print and share any Lingualia lesson.

Customize your lesson

Lingualia is a personalised learning experience, always adapted to the needs, interests and preferences of each user. By adding this new feature, we wanted to apply this philosophy to customize the lessons you can download in PDF. Just enter in a lesson, click on “download lesson”, and configure the document only with those parts that you need. This way you can download a lesson in full, or only the parts you want to review.Choose between vocabulary, grammar, phonetics or even the dialogue.


Share your lesson
We don’t care if you share your lessons with friends, so you can download and print all the lessons you want, and share them with your friends, classmates or family.

So what are you waiting for?
Enter Lingualia.com now, and try downloading your first lesson.


Lingualia lands in German speaking countries – Willkommen!


Lingualia, the social network for language learning that applies artificial intelligence to personalise the course to match your exact requirements is now available in German speaking countries for Android and Web access. The German version for iPhone will be released soon.


Lingulia continues growing, reaching 75,000 users in over 180 countries. Now we released the German version for Android and web platform.

What offers Lingualia?
German speakers can now join the German Lingualia version in order to join our Spanish or English course. Each course includes over 200 lessons, games, exercises and activities.

Lingu also speaks German. Lingu is the made-to-measure intelligent language teacher that helps each student to progress faster as it’s able to analyze the behavior and progress of each user, offering advices and recommendations in a personalized way.


Lingualia apps also available in German
Our smartphone apps are also available in German with all its content and features, including online synchronization that allows users to learn using computers and then continue from any smartphone, learning forward from the same point.




Lingualia is now available for Android!

Lingualia is now available for Android!

Enjoy now the new Lingualia app for Android. It will allow you to continue learning languages whenever and wherever you want.

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What’s included?
The Lingualia app for Android includes the main services and contents. You will have access to all the lessons and also to Lingu, your intelligent teacher. All this is carried out without losing any data since the app is automatically synchronised with the rest of the platforms (Web and iPhone).

It incorporates all the lessons including more than 3,000 vocabulary terms and 10,000 audio files in each course. It also covers the areas of grammar, phonetics, and dialogues with audio files and pictures. All this is finally tested in the checkpoint, where each user can revise and measure his/her learning evolution.

Lingualia for Android

Lingu, your intelligent teacher
Lingu is the intelligent teacher that helps you progress adapting the course to your needs and he is also included in the new app.
Thanks to him, you will be able to learn in a more practical and personalised way. Lingu analyses all the progress, your interests, motivations, and available time. Taking into account all this information, he is able to create an adapted course for you and your needs.

Lingualia for Android

Social Network
Learn languages and make new friends at the same time. Compare your progress with your friends and win more medals, trophies and achievements to add them in your profile.

Automatic synchronisation
This new app for Android synchronises automatically your progress with the rest of platforms including the web and the iPhone app.
This means that each user can spend 40 minutes using Lingualia in his/her computer and then continue in his/her Android device (or iPhone) while travelling by bus or being in a waiting room. Besides, users will continue learning exactly from the same point they left in their computers.

Learn languages, wherever you are, whenever you like

New student’s guide and improved statistics

Today we are launching a new guide to help our users check their progress in a more personalised way. We are also launching new improved statistics that will give more information about each user’s evolution in their courses.

The new student’s guide
The new guide is a helping tool that will send recommendations in a personalised way to each user. This means that users will receive suggestions adapted to their progress. These can be simple instructions on what to do next. For example, aspects like doing a new lesson, an online activity, or continue learning with Lingu.
All this done following the Lingualia learning philosophy where the personalised style adapts to the progress and interests of each user.

New Home

Improved statistics
The improvements in the statistics will allow each user to know his/her progress and quickly identify those areas that require more attention.
For example, if we take into consideration those concepts that have been already learnt, we can identify the ones in which we needed to invest more or less time and effort.
And from the current concepts that are being learnt, users can see those that are taking more time and effort and those that are learnt with less effort and more successfully.

Estadísticas 2.0(click to enlarge)

Thanks to the new guide and the improved statistics, each user has a more personalised tracing that is adapted to his/her own progress

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Check out our improved lessons

Without our users, Lingualia wouldn’t be the same.

That is why we have taken into account your experience, suggestions, and contributions to go one step further. We want you to be active and motivated and that’s the main reason that has made us improve our lessons by increasing flexibility and getting a higher level of interaction.

At the same time, we have considerably extended our contents and changed our design to make it much more intuitive and effective.

improved lessons

More interactive lessons

Thanks to the fact of putting into practice all of what we are learning, our progress improves and consolidates. Taking this into account, at Lingualia we have redesigned our lessons making them much more interactive.

This will allow you to learn new vocabulary, grammar and phonetics concepts while practising to secure the learning and continue progressing.

lessons lingualia

More flexibility

Don’t you have 50 minutes to complete a full lesson? Don’t worry! With our new lessons you will be able to finish each lesson at your own pace. Your progress will be saved and you will be able to continue whenever you want at the same point where you left.

Do you want to try the new lessons?

Sign up now at Lingualia or log in if you are already a registered user. Start now enjoying the new improved lessons!

Lingualia includes more than 200 lessons divided into 4 levels (A1, A2, B1 and B2). Their contents include dialogues, vocabulary, example sentences, both grammar and phonetics cards and a final checkpoint where Lingu, our intelligent teacher, will examine your progress in a very detailed way.