• 5th September, 2012

We all have to start somewhere… and languages too!


Have you ever wondered why we study foreign languages? Have you ever wondered why we don’t all speak one universal language? Well according to the Bible, everyone one on earth did at one time speak that one universal language. If you’re sitting comfortably, I will begin…

A long, long time ago a group of men came from the East and settled in the land of Shinar, a region chosen by the few remaining families after the Great Flood. These brave men decided to build an enormous tower within the city, the Tower of Babel, reaching up to heaven itself. It would be a place in which everyone would live safe and sound and all together.

Proud of their survival, they believed that with the same language and the same ideas, they could achieve anything without the help of God. This uprising angered God, everything they had they had because of Him, who did they think they were?! As a punishment, God jumbled up their languages and they were no longer able to communicate as before.  (Have you ever noticed how we always think there is something wrong with the other person when they can’t understand us – and that if we just speak louder they will?!)

The building ground to a halt, the tower would not be finished; they would not reach heaven that way. Fighting broke out and the families began to leave Shinar, each in search of their own new cities. The word “Babel” was born.

Babel is defined as “a confused noise made by a number of voices” and is synonymous with the richness of world languages spoken throughout the millennia. The story has served as inspiration for many artists, writers, filmmakers and singers; amongst them the Belgian painter Pieter Brueghel the Elder who, in 1563, created The Tower of Babel, an iconic painting which we have chosen for this post.

So as you see, we all have to start somewhere and this too is true not just for languages but also for Lingualia. The launch of our website and level tests is just the tip of the iceberg. There is much, much more to come and we will keep you informed every step of the way.

The team here at is hard at work building a Lingualia community; a place where people from all over the globe are welcome to experience language learning in an innovative, dynamic and interactive way.

Come and test your level in Spanish or English with Lingu, and don’t forget to sign up to be the first to receive the latest launch news. Why not follow us on Twitter and Facebook too?


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