• 19th September, 2012

Step right up! Step right up!

A very warm welcome to the Lingualia level test!

Have you already taken the test? What do you mean you don’t know how it works? It’s so easy! Allow us to walk you through it…

The level test has a total of 60 questions divided into 4 levels: A1, A2, B1 and B2.

Every single question is 100% “made in” Lingualia and written by our native teachers, especially for you, to pinpoint your true level.

The Lingualia level test will cover:
– Grammar          – Vocabulary          – Reading Comprehension

These sections are easily recognisable as they are colour-coded: blue for grammar, green for vocabulary and orange for reading comprehension.
See for yourself:

That’s not all… The questions will appear in a variety for formats:
Multiple choice, gap-fill, unscrambled phrases…

For those of you who have not been formally introduced, this is Lingu…

He will be on hand intelligently assessing your progress thoughout the test. It may not even be necessary to complete all 60 questions because Lingu will have already collected enough information to provide you with a detailed and personal evaluation. When you finish the test, he will ask for your email address and send you your results right away and it’ll look a little something like this…

Well we told you it was easy…
Don’t put it off any longer; check your level here now!
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