• 7th November, 2012

The importace of poofreading

You’ve just finished typing a document, it sounded right in your head so do you really need to check it? YES! The answer is always YES! Nothing makes you look lazier and a bit stupid than spelling mistakes. You see that tick with the ABC next to it? Press that button. Always press that button.

Your writing is a direct representation of you. Want to be taken seriously? Then take your work seriously.  If you suffer from verbal diarrhoea chances are you will suffer from it in the written form too. When you write you want to make your ideas clear while at the same time getting your point across.

So, how do we proofread effectively?

ALWAYS SPELLCHECK Don’t be fooled into thinking your spellchecker is some kind of genius. It will not decipher what you are trying to say and write that instead and it will not correct your infuriatingly poor use of homophones (words which are pronounced the same but with different meanings and spellings) such as there, their and they’re. Over THERE. THEIR car. THEY’RE hungry. Don’t even get me started on you’re and your

PUT THE PEN DOWN AND STEP AWAY FROM THE DOCUMENT Believe it or not, the longer the text, the longer you should wait to check it. Your brain absorbs all of the information and very often we can’t see our own mistakes because we know what we want to say.

NEVER ASSUME When quoting official sources check, check and check again that you have your facts straight. Double and triple check names and dates and any other technical information. Let’s face it, if you are going to copy, make sure you copy correctly.

READ IT BACKWARDS A great proofreading tip is to read your work backwards. Reading words out of context will make spelling errors in particular jump off the page.

Below, for your enjoyments are a few painful examples of where proofreading might have been a good idea. See you next week!

Er, no thanks! In a bowl is fine.


Sure it is. Good job!


Make it stop! My eyes!

If you noticed the obvious mistakes well done, you’re very clever. There’s no prize though, sorry.
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