• 28th November, 2012

The Top 5 Weirdest Places to Connect to Lingualia

People love making lists: The Rich List, The 20 Most Powerful Women in the World, The Top 10 Most Listened-to Songs EVER… the list goes on.

Today, the team here at Lingualia have compiled our own list: The 5 most unusual places to learn languages with Lingualia.

Here we go…

What if I were to tell you that you could connect to Lingualia at 29,028.9 ft above sea level whilst taking in some of the most breathtaking views on the planet? Would you believe me? Any ideas where I might be talking about? Go on, Google it.
Give up?

1) Mount Everest, set deep in the Himalayas, is the home of the highest internet connection in the world!
(No, you don’t need to hit the summit, 17,000 feet is fine.)

The next place isn’t quite so high in the sky… in fact; I’d say it was about as close to ground level as you can get:
2) Paducah’s Oak Grove Cemetery, Kentucky, USA is the only cemetery (to date) with a guaranteed Wi-Fi connection throughout. Gone are the days of the Ouija board, the spirits are all on Whatsapp now.

If you are a fan of crisp winters and snow on the ground then this next place is right up your street:
3) The North Pole!
Believe it or not, a mere 50 miles from the final frontier, people at the Barneo camp have been checking their Facebook since 2005. Now they can check-in with Lingu and learn a new language!

If you’re having a bad day; it’s raining and cold, you don’t want to speak to or even see another person, all you want is some peace and quiet, for the rain to stop… and Wi-Fi. Number 4 on our list is for you:
4) The desert. Yep, the desert has Wi-Fi! Remote villages use solar power to boost their Wi-Fi signals. So don’t worry if you find yourself stuck on some sand dune somewhere dying of thirst, check out Lingualia and learn how to ask your local tribal family for a glass of water in their language! What more could you possibly ask for?

We’ve reached number 5 on our list. This one is for all you radicals out there who want to disconnect completely from the world. No we aren’t talking about the coffins at Oak Grove, we are talking about…
5) SPACE; the final frontier.
If you fancy yourself as the next Felix Baumgartner but you’re worried about your internet dropping out, fear not! Take a trip into space with Virgin Galactic (a bargain at $200,000) and learn how to ask the Scandinavian pilot “I’m scared can I we go back down now?” in his own language.

So there you have it, that’s our list of weird and wonderful places to connect to Lingualia with your iPhone. I’m going to share a secret: I don’t really like heights, I get a little bit claustrophobic in tight spaces, and I don’t really like being too hot or too cold… I think I’m going to stick to connecting on the bus, in the hairdressers or in the queue at the bank.

What about you? Yeh, you. Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever logged on? Which of our top 5 places would you like to try first?
Wherever you may be, get in touch and let us know via the web, Twitter or Facebook.

An while you’re on your travels, keep your eyes peeled for some translation fails like these and send them to us.

Until next time!

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