• 13th March, 2013

Monolingual = Missing Out

Open doors

Yep, we went there. We’ve woken up bright and early this morning to tell some home truths to those of you who only speak one language.

Now, we know this won’t be the first time you’re hearing this. We know it’s no great pearl of wisdom. We know very well that speaking foreign languages is more than just something fancy to add to your CV; it can go as far as to determine your future work prospects.

Apart from keeping us on the sidelines when it comes to a promotion at work, being monolingual can also affect us if we want to apply for a student loan. In Paraguay, for example, many students are missing out on the opportunity to study abroad due to a lack of knowledge of other languages.

It isn’t just the individual who is missing out,

Companies are missing out on business opportunities by not investing in the foreign-language and intercultural capacities of their employees. In particular, small-size businesses should be sending their workers abroad.

We aren’t just speaking about learning one language in particular, companies and individuals alike are bound to find themselves playing catch-up with the rest of the world.

According to the British Council, the languages to which people should be exposed should include:

widely spoken and economically important languages such as Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic,

in addition to the languages traditionally taught in the UK.

Given the current global economic crisis, generally those with language skills have been able to escape the black hole of unemployment.

What else are you missing out on?

The missing piece


  • Access to a wider range of information on the internet.
  • Better understand others, their customs, their culture, their way of life
  • Meet new people who can enrich your journey through life.
  • Travel and experience things you never thought possible.
  • Etc., etc,. etc…

No more excuses like:

Thumbs down to ecuses

  • I’m too old.
  • I haven’t got time.
  • Learning languages is expensive.
  • I don’t need to learn another language, mine is all I need to know.

Now the constructive part:

Here come some fun, and interesting ways in which you can put an end to this monolingual misery…

Thumbs up to positive choices

We leave you with this to reflect upon:

The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.

Open your own doors


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Have a great week!

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