• 3rd April, 2013

Practice makes perfect

Connect wherever you want!

Are you a horizontal studier like myself? Is working at a desk your learning kryptonite? Well, we’ve got good news!

On the sofa, on the train, or in the queue at the bank, studying languages has never been easier than with Lingualia.

You can make the most of your free time whether you can connect for just 2 minutes, or 2 whole hours!

Why is Lingualia so flexible?

With Lingualia, you can study at home on your computer, or anywhere else in the world (we love you WiFi!) with your smartphone and tablet!

We will always synchronise your information and progress across all your devices. You can start learning at home, and pick up from where you left off while you’re on the bus, on your way to work.

Lingualia is so flexible

Don’t forget about Lingu!

Your intelligent teacher personalises your practice sessions to the max.

Lingu will help you focus on those areas which need a little more work, while at the same time teaching you new concepts. See for yourself!

You will advance and deepen your knowledge of your new language in no time at all!

Hi, I'm Lingu!

So, what is the best way to really put your new language into practice?

Chat with natives!

Nobody is better to practise a new language with than the native speakers themselves. By developing your language skills with natives, you can learn the real language; popular, cultural, idiomatic, and colloquial expressions which they themselves use.

That’s not all, who wouldn’t mind making new friends from all over the world at the same time? Hello, holidays!!

Lingu's Friends

Here’s what you need to achieve your goals:


In order to speak and express yourself clearly, you need a solid base of vocabulary.
Lingualia has developed the ideal method to help you learn vocab which centres on pronunciation, the various definitions a word can have, and practical examples of usage.
This learning tool will help you to accumulate a wide range of vocabulary with very little effort.


The use of pronouns, the correct word order within a sentence, verb conjugation, and gender and number agreement are just some of the principal grammar topics which you will learn with Lingualia – you’ll see, you’ll pick these up in no time at all.


Listen carefully to the pronunciation of words and phrases and try them for yourself perfecting your accent and intonation.
Improving your pronunciation is now easier than ever thanks to Lingualia’s helpful phonetic descriptions and over 8,000 different audios.


Read a short paragraph of text, listen to one of our dialogues, focus on your oral practice, and improve your written comprehension with Lingualia.
By honing your comprehension skills, you’ll soon understand native speakers much better and begin to really master your new language.


So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and give us your feedback via Twitter, Facebook and Google+

Good luck! We’ll see you next time!


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