• 10th April, 2013

Stop the world I want to get off!!

Multitasking mania

Do you work through your lunch break? Do your friends have to send you an iCal invitation for you to make time for them? Do you multi task multitasking? If you think don’t have time for anything else, then Lingualia is for you.

It does make sense, I promise. Read on…

Forget monotonous language textbooks, forget being chained to a desk memorising endless reams of vocabulary and intricate grammar rules… just get out your iPhone or iPad and go! Lingualia adapts to you and your precious (albeit little) free time.

Lingualia AppYour progress doesn’t depend on an intense, daily investment of time; Lingualia is flexible allowing you to learn for as little or as long as you want. You can study for just five minutes a day via your tablet or smartphone.

Just 5 minutes a dayLingualia adapts to your rhythm and requirements, and synchronises your progress and activity across all your devices so you can pick up from the exact point where they left off.

What does this mean?

It means that if you happen to have an accident while trying to drink coffee, while calling your mother, while putting mascara on, while driving to work

Multitasking accident-waiting-to-happen

…and you find yourself convalescing for a few weeks, your home computer will be perfectly up-to-date with the progress you made via the Lingualia App.

We don’t compromise on quality either, your iPhone app is just as complete as the web version:


  •  200 didactic lessons.
  • More than 8,000 audios.
  • Grammar flashcards.
  • Phonetics practice to improve pronunciation.
  • Dialogues with images and audios.
  • Lingu – your made-to-measure intelligent teacher.

Get yours now!

So, there you have it; something else to make your life that little bit easier!



*Lingualia will not accept responsibility for any multitasking-related injuries.

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