• 5th June, 2013

Dialogues and Phonetics by Lingu



Welcome back to part two of: There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

As we mentioned in our previous post, every teacher has their own method. Today, we are going to find out how Lingu uses dialogues and phonetics to increase your learning potential and speed up the learning process.

With Lingualia, you’ll perfect your oral comprehension with fun dialogues which help you put into practise all the new things you have learnt such as vocabulary and grammar. These dialogues (more than 200 of them!) are taken from real-life, useful conversations, so you’ll constantly be familiarising yourself with common sounds and improving your pronunciation.

It’s a common mistake to focus on complicated structures and forms, but this usually means you’ll never quite manage to speak fluently. The best way to overcome this is to listen and listen to real conversations, focusing on the words and phrases in context over and over. Eventually you’ll stop translating from your native language in your head and start speaking naturally and fluently. While this won’t happen overnight (Lingu can’t work miracles just yet!), don’t lose faith. It will happen. Patience and practice leads to real progress!

Take a look at an example of a Spanish dialogue…

Cool, hey?

Lingu has another trick up his sleeve, phonetics!

Before the cold sweats and/or extreme boredom set in, don’t panic! Lingu isn’t going to teach you about diphthongs and digraphs, but phonetics is an important aspect of language and here’s why…

Poor pronunciation can lead to communication mistakes which go to show a poor grasp of the language. The phonetics Lingu is going to teach you will include practising rhythm, intonation, perception, and production of sounds in order to communicate correctly without making those all-too-common mistakes. We have got hundreds of fun phonetics flashcards from you from tongue twisters to the spelling of homophones -> words which are pronounced the same but spelt very differently!

Why not give this Spanish tongue twister a try?

How was that?! Let us know how you got on, you can even send us a video of you trying it out!

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See you next time!  😀


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