• 23rd September, 2013

Practise languages online with ‘Smart Activities’

Lingualia introduces the ‘Smart Activities’. Exercises that adapt to your likes, preferences and progress in a smart way and that have been developed to practise languages online.

In order to talk a new language, not only do you have to learn how its grammar, expressions or a wide range of vocabulary work, but it is also fundamental to know how to use correctly what has been learnt.

It is very important to practise in real situations. In Lingualia we do it by listening to audios and videos and also by examining images and real texts from different sources. All of this helps us improve both our oral and written skills.

Smart Activities

In Lingualia, the activities are personalised and adapted to the necessities of each user in a smart way.

If a student is more interested in sports, music or technology, Lingualia will propose activities which are adjusted to those interests. That will increase the student’s motivation and performance.

In addition to this, the activities also take into account each student’s progress, his/her strengths and weaknesses, the time available, etc. With all this information, Lingualia is able to offer each student the activities that best fit his/her profile and will help him/her progress in a more secure and faster way.

Smart Activity

Collaborative space

The student not only learns from the activities he/she performs, but also from comparing his/her performance with other Lingualia community members.


Receiving comments, corrections, and suggestions. Also by contributing with his/her point of view or his/her own knowledge on the exercises carried out by other students.

One of the concepts that we never get tired of using is motivation. That is why we present a cooperative learning process in which everybody that has a role on it is able to develop and share a common goal. That goal is learning a language and this also fosters the learning to be more effective thanks to everybody’s questions, reflections, and contributions.

Each of us studies a language because of different reasons, but we all share a common objective: speak a new language.

A course is not only reading a set of theoretical rules or listening to the teacher. In order to develop ourselves in the best way, constant practice is a requisite and a key concept for the learning process to be successful. This will have a direct impact in the way we acquire and reinforce the vocabulary and structures that we have been seeing during the course.

My activities

Doing an activity is very easy: from a short video, an image, a recording or a brief text in which you can base your answer, you will take the action! So, with a paper and a pen in your hand, or in this case, with your screen and your keyboard, you’ll start writing your answers.

You know Lingu is always with you and in the ‘Smart Activities’ section this is not an exception. He will suggest you a series of concepts that may be useful to use or revise in each activity.

Once you have completed an activity, the rest of users from the Lingualia community will be able to send you comments and suggestions about your work, helping you improve your learning process.

It’s time for action with ‘Smart Activities’!

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