• 30th September, 2013

Having a goal leads you to success

“My goal” is a new Lingualia tool that will help you reach your learning goals.
It is very useful to set a clear goal when you want to keep a high level of motivation. This will make you complete your learning successfully.
Not only is it important to know exactly why you want to learn a language and how you want to get it. It is also important to establish a weekly planner in order to go forward towards your goal.
Thanks to this new Lingualia tool, you will be able to set a weekly goal. This will help you in its resolution and will motivate you to go on with decision and confidence.
That way, you will be able to know anytime if you are on the right path and how close you are to reach your goal.
“My goal” mechanism is simple: You just have to choose how many hours per week you want to study languages with Lingualia. Then it shows automatically a weekly planner in order to motivate you and help you reach your goal.


Personalised learning

Furthermore, this new tool will help Lingualia personalise all your learning in a smart way.
When Lingualia knows exactly how much time you have during a week to study languages, it is able to adapt the lessons and activities to your time available.
Lingualia doesn’t require a specific time to complete each unit. You can invest from five minutes to a full hour. You will be continuously progressing towards your goal. You can also start on the web and then continue on your mobile phone, without losing your progress.

Little goals, great achievements

As we have already said, it is vital for us to establish some goals not only in our work, but also in our studies and life in general.

But in order to do it properly and avoid throwing in the towel while we are in the middle of the path, we need to be aware of something: our abilities.
If we want to motivate ourselves, the best thing to do is to set small goals, those that we really know we can get. Don’t demand to yourself more than what you can achieve.
With positive and realistic expectations, not only will your motivation improve, but also your chances of success will be greater.
Remember that motivation and evaluation are holding hands.

Oh, one more thing: What’s your goal?

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