• 30th October, 2013

Check out our improved lessons

Without our users, Lingualia wouldn’t be the same.

That is why we have taken into account your experience, suggestions, and contributions to go one step further. We want you to be active and motivated and that’s the main reason that has made us improve our lessons by increasing flexibility and getting a higher level of interaction.

At the same time, we have considerably extended our contents and changed our design to make it much more intuitive and effective.

improved lessons

More interactive lessons

Thanks to the fact of putting into practice all of what we are learning, our progress improves and consolidates. Taking this into account, at Lingualia we have redesigned our lessons making them much more interactive.

This will allow you to learn new vocabulary, grammar and phonetics concepts while practising to secure the learning and continue progressing.

lessons lingualia

More flexibility

Don’t you have 50 minutes to complete a full lesson? Don’t worry! With our new lessons you will be able to finish each lesson at your own pace. Your progress will be saved and you will be able to continue whenever you want at the same point where you left.

Do you want to try the new lessons?

Sign up now at Lingualia or log in if you are already a registered user. Start now enjoying the new improved lessons!

Lingualia includes more than 200 lessons divided into 4 levels (A1, A2, B1 and B2). Their contents include dialogues, vocabulary, example sentences, both grammar and phonetics cards and a final checkpoint where Lingu, our intelligent teacher, will examine your progress in a very detailed way.

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