• 10th December, 2013

New student’s guide and improved statistics

Today we are launching a new guide to help our users check their progress in a more personalised way. We are also launching new improved statistics that will give more information about each user’s evolution in their courses.

The new student’s guide
The new guide is a helping tool that will send recommendations in a personalised way to each user. This means that users will receive suggestions adapted to their progress. These can be simple instructions on what to do next. For example, aspects like doing a new lesson, an online activity, or continue learning with Lingu.
All this done following the Lingualia learning philosophy where the personalised style adapts to the progress and interests of each user.

New Home

Improved statistics
The improvements in the statistics will allow each user to know his/her progress and quickly identify those areas that require more attention.
For example, if we take into consideration those concepts that have been already learnt, we can identify the ones in which we needed to invest more or less time and effort.
And from the current concepts that are being learnt, users can see those that are taking more time and effort and those that are learnt with less effort and more successfully.

Estadísticas 2.0(click to enlarge)

Thanks to the new guide and the improved statistics, each user has a more personalised tracing that is adapted to his/her own progress

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