• 18th December, 2013

Lingualia is now available for Android!

Lingualia is now available for Android!

Enjoy now the new Lingualia app for Android. It will allow you to continue learning languages whenever and wherever you want.

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What’s included?
The Lingualia app for Android includes the main services and contents. You will have access to all the lessons and also to Lingu, your intelligent teacher. All this is carried out without losing any data since the app is automatically synchronised with the rest of the platforms (Web and iPhone).

It incorporates all the lessons including more than 3,000 vocabulary terms and 10,000 audio files in each course. It also covers the areas of grammar, phonetics, and dialogues with audio files and pictures. All this is finally tested in the checkpoint, where each user can revise and measure his/her learning evolution.

Lingualia for Android

Lingu, your intelligent teacher
Lingu is the intelligent teacher that helps you progress adapting the course to your needs and he is also included in the new app.
Thanks to him, you will be able to learn in a more practical and personalised way. Lingu analyses all the progress, your interests, motivations, and available time. Taking into account all this information, he is able to create an adapted course for you and your needs.

Lingualia for Android

Social Network
Learn languages and make new friends at the same time. Compare your progress with your friends and win more medals, trophies and achievements to add them in your profile.

Automatic synchronisation
This new app for Android synchronises automatically your progress with the rest of platforms including the web and the iPhone app.
This means that each user can spend 40 minutes using Lingualia in his/her computer and then continue in his/her Android device (or iPhone) while travelling by bus or being in a waiting room. Besides, users will continue learning exactly from the same point they left in their computers.

Learn languages, wherever you are, whenever you like

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