• 28th March, 2014

Lingualia lands in German speaking countries – Willkommen!


Lingualia, the social network for language learning that applies artificial intelligence to personalise the course to match your exact requirements is now available in German speaking countries for Android and Web access. The German version for iPhone will be released soon.


Lingulia continues growing, reaching 75,000 users in over 180 countries. Now we released the German version for Android and web platform.

What offers Lingualia?
German speakers can now join the German Lingualia version in order to join our Spanish or English course. Each course includes over 200 lessons, games, exercises and activities.

Lingu also speaks German. Lingu is the made-to-measure intelligent language teacher that helps each student to progress faster as it’s able to analyze the behavior and progress of each user, offering advices and recommendations in a personalized way.


Lingualia apps also available in German
Our smartphone apps are also available in German with all its content and features, including online synchronization that allows users to learn using computers and then continue from any smartphone, learning forward from the same point.




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