• 7th April, 2014

Download your lessons in PDF


Download, print, and take with you the Lingualia lessons thanks to this new feature that we released today.

You can learn languages with Lingualia not only visiting our website, also through applications for Android and iPhone. Lingualia synchronises automatically the progress of each user across all platforms (web, Android, iPhone), so you pause a learning session at any point and continue whenever you want from the exact point even if you connect from another device.
However, some people prefer to review on paper, take notes to discuss with other students, or even to consult while practicing online. That’s why we have designed a new feature that allows you to download, print and share any Lingualia lesson.

Customize your lesson

Lingualia is a personalised learning experience, always adapted to the needs, interests and preferences of each user. By adding this new feature, we wanted to apply this philosophy to customize the lessons you can download in PDF. Just enter in a lesson, click on “download lesson”, and configure the document only with those parts that you need. This way you can download a lesson in full, or only the parts you want to review.Choose between vocabulary, grammar, phonetics or even the dialogue.


Share your lesson
We don’t care if you share your lessons with friends, so you can download and print all the lessons you want, and share them with your friends, classmates or family.

So what are you waiting for?
Enter Lingualia.com now, and try downloading your first lesson.


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